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Sly Cooper: Master Theif from a line of master theives. The "Fiendish Five" ramsacked Sly's home when he was just a kid, killing his father. The Fiendish Five stole and divided the Cooper family line's precious book The Theivous Racoonus.
After this, taking his cane, the Cooper family's weapon of choice, to the ophanage. While there, he made friends with Bentley and Murray.
The friends formed a gang, the "Cooper Gang."

If we fast-forward to the end of Sly Cooper and the Theivous Racoonus, you'll see that he'd conquered the Fiendish Five!

I feel bad about this, but I've only finished Sly one and three, so I have no information about Sly Two... =( Sorry.

Well, I'll just talk about Sly 3: Honor Among Theives.
In this game, Sly's main goal is to get enough team-members to get into the Cooper Vault, a vault which his theiving ancestors stored there loot in.

The whole game is basically a flashback, (You are playing the flashback.) in which is all the missions and jobs leading up to where Carmelita rescues Sly from Dr. M's gaint... er- let's just call it an experiment gone wrong, okay?

The team - members you will get are:
Guru, Penelope, Panda King, and Dimitri. Yah. I know what you're thinking... 'Panda King?! Dimitri?!'

If you whizz to the end of 3, you see a Cooper on... er- scientist- showdown! Dr. M will try to drown you, shock you, burn you, smash you, and run you over. If you do get through the showdown, Carmelita will appear and (you get to play as her) take down Dr. M after the doctor throws Sly up on the rafters after taking a hit for Carmelita.

After Carm is done bashing the doctor, she'll jump up to see is Sly is okay. He will fake amnesia. (Yes, fake it)
Carm will lie and say that Sly is "Constable Cooper," her partner.

After the credits, Bentley looks for Sly in the binocucom. Sly turns to it and winks.

"That sneaky devil."
Sly Cooper is a master theif, stealing from master theives.
by Cooper Fan February 12, 2007

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