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A Herge is a general word to describe an act of bizarre sexual behaviour between to strangers.

Also used as describing the individuals who are involved in the act of a Herge. Eg. By doing that you are a Herge.
They saw each other from across the room. they hurried out to get involved in a herge.

those people were Herge's
by Cooper January 20, 2005
The often unwanted, always repulsive waste that flows forth from a female during that "special time" of the month.
1. So, I went to finger this chick, and when I took my fingers out, they had slurf all over them.
2. Aw gross!! Is this slurf on my dick?!
3. I didn't realize it until it was too late, so I ended up pulling a slurf n' turf.
by Cooper July 30, 2003
wow dude i dont appreciate this shit im halfe white half asain.
by cooper August 06, 2003
1. Anything referenced to being scary or disturbing
2. A creature or person who is very frightening, or a figment of ones imagination
What did you see down the hall?
A fucking Dracula
by Cooper March 25, 2005
When used as a verb, it means to completely ruin something, or someone's good time. Also called "pulling a nussy".
You stopped Eric from hanging out with that chick, you really nussy'd all over that situation
by Cooper August 07, 2004

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