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22 definitions by Coop

Noun. KUBE is an acronym for Keele University Broadcasting Enterprises. Whilst underfunded, produces quality broadcasts
www.kuberadio.com. I listen to KUBE Radio.
by Coop April 25, 2004
2 6
lesbian, dyke, comes from actor dick van dyke
laura spencer is a dickvan
by Coop December 10, 2004
2 8
Brookstar is a big gay who thinks he is hard and schmoov and sucks cock
Brookstar is a gaylord
by Coop December 09, 2004
3 11
Coop - To be cool and so cool that you just die cos ur sooo cool :O
Coop wow i just said Coop
by Coop June 09, 2003
26 35
In golf when someone makes a really shity short drive, that person has to undo there fly and tuck in there shirt and let it hang out of there fly
man that bunt of a drive didn't even reach the front tees, now you gotta do a dick out for the rest of the round
by Coop April 20, 2005
16 27
Common greeting amongst working class northerners. 'Minty' replaces the usual pronoun of the individual in question.
ie. "How do Minty?" as a form of greetings.
by Coop April 25, 2004
5 29
a gay boy who likes to molest little children with a big green rod made of small dildos, he likes to wank off sheep too
cooper your fucking gay, go have some fun with children
by Coop March 03, 2005
11 39