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A board based game involving two guns, a tub of butter and toenail clippings; played by West London gangsters
Oi blud, you up for a round of noogleboard?
by Coop April 06, 2004
1. A retarded person. 2. Kids who ride the short bus.
(Derived from the "foggy areas" left on the windows of the short bus, by retarded kids.)
Coop: Yo Greg, did you see the fog spot that made my cheeseburger?

Greg: Yeah dude. Listen up Jack, I don't want no Cork to make my Big Mac!
by Coop July 18, 2003
To describe someone you dislike. Accusing someone of "Smelling Bell-Ends"
"Jesus christ dave, did you see that presenter of 'funhouse?' what a bell-smell"
by Coop December 24, 2004
A sister Munchkin balargney that dances like a fish outta the water, likes to use dirty Filipino words and make people feel uncomfortable by talking about pumping her breasts. She's great everyone needs a Mialargney in their life.
chick #1 "OMG check out that girl WHO does she remind you of??"

chick#2 "OMG YES she's just like MIALARGNEY...!.. I wonder that potato is up to! POTATO"
by COOP March 30, 2012
Fun Pipe is a general term for a group of young males aged between 18-30 with a fine appreciation for both drama and metal.
"They're Fun -Pipe" or "They're Fun-Piped" for a growing appreciation
by Coop April 25, 2004
1. A superpowered, messianic figure now commonly found in modern Sci-Fi movies. (e.g. Neo of the movie series 'The Matrix', Gabe Law of 'The One')
2. Movie starring Jet Li in 2001, directed by James Wong, written by X-Files writers Morgan & Wong.
If Gabe Law and Neo fought, Highlander style, because "There can be only one!" which one would end up The One?
by Coop June 26, 2003
A reptillian creature discovered by "Strongbad", a man in a mexican wrestling suit with boxing gloves and a somewhat surly disposition. A Trogdor is created through the implementation of an elegant S curve and consummate V's.
Holy Crap! Trogdor is burninating the countryside.
by Coop March 21, 2003

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