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A small, coastal town on the south shore of Massachusetts. Duxbury residents tend to be upper-class to middle class but some residents are lower class. Duxbury High School strives in theater, literature, and sports. Lacrosse is a town favorite. Opposed to popular belief, most Duxbury residents are not "snobs". Duxbury residents do not think they are richer than other towns. All south shore towns create the same basic income. Therefore no adjacent towns (Duxbury included) should not think they are richer. Joe Perry (guitarist for Aerosmith) and Billy Curly (professional basketball player) are residents of Duxbury. Duxbury, despite popular belief, has a lower DUI rate compared to adjacent towns.
Duxbury Resident: Hey, isnt Duxbury richer than Marshfield?

Marshfield REsident: No, Marfshfield is more rich.

God: No you guys are pretty much the same thing.
by Coolio2216 July 26, 2009

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