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A phrase telling girls that you have good game without wasting too much of their precious time. Chicks love it when you cut to the chase. Say this to females as they walk by you on the sidewalk. You should be somewhat intoxicated and in the mood to heckle. Fear of rejection will lead to failure. Often times this term will raise curiosity in the female and lead to her joining you in a game of beer pong which could lead to things like sex for that evening.
Dude 1: Hey ladies, I Have Good Game!!!!
Girl 1: Har Har, thats cool.
Dude 1: No seriously, come play beer pong.
Girl 1: Okay, I'm so intrigued by your bluntness and ability to not waste my time by telling me straight up how good your game really is. I will play beer pong with you and perhaps let you touch my boob later tonight.

Tip: This term is often most effective when used in coordination with "I'm hung like a hamster." See: Hung Like a Hamster here on Urban Dictionary.
by Coolguy172 June 23, 2006
When a males genitalia is approximately the size of a hamster aka. very small. When said to girls on the street in a heckling manner this term will lead to laughter and chicks love doing it with funny guys.

Dude 1: Hey ladies, I'm Hung Like a Hamster!!!
Girl 1: Haha!, LOL!, ROFL! lets do it!

Tip: This term is most effective when said in some sort of sequence with "Hey ladies, I have good game!" See: I Have Good Game here on Urban Dictionary for more details.

Dude 1: Hey ladies, I'm Hung Like a Hamster!!!
Girl 1: Thats neat.
Dude 1: No seriously, I have good game!
Girl 1: Haha!, LOL!, ROFL! lets do it!
by Coolguy172 June 23, 2006
M-town is the hood rich term that refers to the city of Mansfield, Ohio. The population is around 80,000 people. Mansfield is approx. one hour north of Columbus, Ohio and one hour south of Cleveland, Ohio (on I-71).
Dude 1: Yo, where you at?
Dude 2: Man, I'm stuck up here in M-town
Dude 1: Me too man, wanna do some knitting?
by Coolguy172 June 23, 2006

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