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The coolest. Superior in coolness to all else. Used only when the coolness of something is definitive, classic, the model of coolness in its category or class. As in, Antarctica is the coldest place on earth, so anything which is cool is cool, anything way cool is way cool, but anything antarctic is the coolest.
Man, that's not cool, that's freakin' antarctic...
by CoolDah August 24, 2006
Sensitive yet firm way of introducing correction to children, teenagers or even adults who don't seem to grasp what you're trying to teach them. Usually used by fathers or male coaches instructing students who aren't responding as intelligently as expected. Meant to get their attention and to focus them on the directions which follow immediately thereafter.
Whaddayastupid? You grab the handlebars and peddle the bike. It's easy!
Whaddayastupid? Ya swing the bat and hit the ball!
Whaddayastupid? That's a wrench, not a screwdriver - gimme the screwdriver!
by CoolDah November 17, 2006

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