1 definition by CoolBlue731

A bunch of narcissistic, ego maniacal 14 year olds flashing the peace sign. Giggling online at lame comments from their little friends, while they talk to the same friends on the phone about pressing issues, like what color to dye their hair next... Time to turn on the radio... lip sync to Hannah Montana, head bopping back and forth, stretching out their gum, while a tear rolls down their parents cheek "My little girl... she used to be so smart... what happened!?". Online pop culture happened! Mental destruction by egocentric digital nonsense.

Other than that, it's not half bad.
Your average 10 year old kid: "I don't have time for homework, mom.. I've got to get more friends on MySpace so I can be popular!"
by CoolBlue731 December 10, 2009

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