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Akshaj is a indian person who thinks he is smart. He is an asshole that says his IQ is 148 but it is actually lower than Sam's IQ.
What you said was bullshit, you are such an Akshaj
by COOL GUY September 18, 2012
Hainesport is a crappy town where most of the kids who live here are white people who think they're cool and act as gangsters. The students in Hainesport School are smarter than the teachers. (Well Most.) If you want to move to a quiet town I suggest you don't go here.
Hello son, how are you today?
I be straight trippin' yo. I wear clothes dat don' fit. Yo.


What'd you learn today hon?
Uhh, how to talk gangsta yo..
by cool guy March 03, 2005
a terrible sexually transmitable disease that is spread thru oral sex
Shit, that bitch gave the budgy last night!
by cool guy October 08, 2004
A Serbian car which is a beauty because they changed the model of it. The front looks like a jaguar now. The first and only car imported from Yugoslavia. It used to be a hatchback but now it is an amazing car.

Fuck yourself you dumbass croatian. Hey eddie is there any cars imported from croatia? what's that you say no IT'S TRUE THEIR ISN'T
by Cool Guy June 21, 2003
Crap, Lyre is not a girl. That was a typo. I would also like to add that Cilla has a penis.
Cilla put that thing away.
....I can't =(....
by cool guy April 25, 2004
The one who gets the money/jewellery gold etc.. from a prostitute. This is why he is always rich and his shiny clothes and gold jewellery.
Pimps are and should only be black.
by Cool Guy June 26, 2003
Cilla is the COOLEST girl that anyone has ever met, excluding Lyre. Although she has 3 nipples and may be retarded, we all accept her for woh she is MUHAHAHA...
Hey is that Cilla?
Nope it's just a dog.
by cool guy April 25, 2004
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