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so drunk that u can barely see strait, the second level of extreme drunkness, past nardofied and just before tuckermax drunk. when zimmerfied andything is possible and very rarely does anything happen that isnt funny to the sober people around
man that guy was zimmerfied last night, he made out with the mirror, looking at the picture of himself
by cool guy October 08, 2004
the ghetto pronounciation of lil jons "okay." its pretty obnoxious but fun to say!
a simple response.
"Ryan, please stop talking"
by cool guy February 03, 2005
A cool member of many forums and clans, he enjoys many things and has his own phrases.
Wow, lookes like you popped a killer043
by Cool guy April 11, 2005
A very mean word to call your friend!
don't call him a gin walkie!
by Cool guy July 22, 2004
Very rude insult for your friends!
don't call him a lanmo!
by Cool guy July 22, 2004
verb: To fall backwards, to unintentionally lose balance and roll.
"Did Jon just timble off the couch?"
by Cool Guy March 01, 2004
Akshaj is a indian person who thinks he is smart. He is an asshole that says his IQ is 148 but it is actually lower than Sam's IQ.
What you said was bullshit, you are such an Akshaj
by COOL GUY September 18, 2012

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