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30 definitions by Cool guy

You know you are a Seinfeldian if you argue over the top of a muffin, which marsmallow is bigger or something stupid like that.
by Cool Guy July 18, 2003
36 10
the highest order of drunken shannigans, above nardofied and zimmerfied, u know when a zimmerfied, person tells u do calm down, then ur tuckermax drunk
i just lost all my earthly positions last night to gamblor, ill never get tuckermax drunk AGAIN!
by cool guy October 08, 2004
40 24
very cool
Yo, that shit was coolio foolio!
by cool guy August 13, 2003
24 14
delicious breakfast meat, usually pork, made up of ground pig parts
MMMMM that scrapple is scrumtralescent!
by cool guy August 13, 2003
36 28
Used on SNL to describe the movie Fantasia on a movie review skit
fantasia is fantasgreat
by cool guy August 13, 2003
13 8
getting so hammered that ull try to pick up local librareans at the bar. it is the first stage in the three levels off drunkness, folowed by zimmerfied and tuckermax drunk
holy shit, look at the girl i slept with, i mustve been nardofied last night
by cool guy October 08, 2004
6 4