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1. A jokey-joke maker. In ye olde days, he accompanied the King and cracked some cheesy jokes and stuff to keep the King entertained.

2. A sweet hackey sack manoeuvre, in which the player jumps off the ground with his/her non-hitting foot first straight out. Then the second leg follows through underneath the knee area of the other leg with the toe pointed straight out. As the leg rotates around the thigh axis, the foot strikes the sack sideways like the chicken wing manoeuvre. It is the basis for the super jester and reverse jester.

3. Jester is the code name of arguably the best Top Gun pilot from the movie Top Gun.
1. Some Guy: The Jester in Shakespeares play King Lear is one silly bitch.

2. Some Guy: Oh shit son! 7 jesters in a row!! I'm gonna pull an Upper Deck Deluxe on you!

3. Maverick: "Roger that Jester, I am not as good as you, over."
by Cool McJeebs October 19, 2006
Someone at a party who is trashed beyond the point of sobering up before they go to sleep or passout. They tend to ruin things by saying retarted stuff. Not a good person to have at a party.
Anya: If I had a gun right now, I'd blow my brains out!!

Jason: What a Juice Head...

Spencer: Amen!
by Cool McJeebs May 22, 2006
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