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deviantArt is a website where users submit art, photography, poetry, and prose.
Being able to search virtually anything and getting a result
Submitting art
There are many, many tutorials if you are having trouble drawing ANYTHING
Getting comments
Administrators are easily approachable
Getting criticism so you can improve
Getting watches
The satisfaction of improving like crazy and getting inspired by art every few days
Getting favorites
Buying a subscription; it's almost worth it
Hanging out with your friends
You can sometimes get a laugh from a picture you see
Looking at other pictures you like
Buying prints
Favoriting and commenting on other pictures you like
Getting pageviews
Not getting comments, watches, or favorites
Bad pictures
People flaming you for giving some helpful criticism
People posting emo sh.. in their journal
Art thieves
Art/Writer's block (that's not dA's fault though)
Because of the deviation overflow, new deviations submitted appear on the front page for only a few seconds; it only catches a deviant's eye if it's particularly cute or particularly good
It is really, really hard to get publicity

I have an account on deviantart, and it's practically my life. The good things outweigh the bad, especially if you take criticisms and appreciate and look at art all the time.. If you don't, your art will probably never get any better.
Deviantart really gives me a sense of self-satisfaction. x3
Friend: I've improved on anatomy and pretty much everything since i've joined deviantart <3333 I love it. It's my antidrug.
by Cookiers October 14, 2007

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