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An extremely popular machinima series made by using the Halo Xbox game series. The characters are placed in a boxed canyon in the middle of no-where on an alien planet. As new characters are introduced, the canyon becomes a dangerous place. The machinima has great comedy and an awesome story. The characters keep it alive.
In episode 76 of Red V.S. Blue, when Church, Doc, and Caboose are discussing the condition of Tucker once he starts getting stomach cramps and mood swings.

Church: "Tell us Doc, we can take it."

Doc: "Your friend is-"

Caboose: "Dying? Oh no!"

Doc: "No he's not dying, he just has-"

Caboose: "No chance to live? I knew it."

Church: "Caboose, one more interruption from you, and he's going to have two patients."

Doc: *sighs* "How do I say this? Your friend is-"

*long pause*

Church: "Why are you pausing? Caboose is not gonna interrupt you this time."

Doc: "No, that was just for dramatic effect. He's pregnant."

Caboose: "Oh god... Wait, what?"
by CookieMuncherMuchies July 17, 2009

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