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Derogatory term for a female that is miserable, bitchy, hates everyone, hasn't had sex in years etc. Such as a headteacher/principle at school for example.
I got caught skipping school last week and old vinegar tits has given me another detention.
by Cooked Sock April 21, 2010
During coitus, to have ones phallus inside the young lady as far as it will go.
"I say Frobisher old chap, I spent a delightful evening with Marjorie last night, and to top it off I was spuds deep by 11pm"
by Cooked Sock April 21, 2010
Soccer term to emphasise the importance of an upcoming match.

The term six pointer applies to a match between two teams where one team leads the other by 3 points in the table.

Therfore depending on who wins the match, the difference between the teams at the end of match in the table could be 6 points or zero points. Hence, the game is a six pointer.
With Bolton just behind Burnley in the table, and both in trouble at the bottom, this game is a real six pointer.
by Cooked Sock April 21, 2010

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