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Noun. An amazing female dee jay hailing from B-town, a well know member of the B-Town Posse. When asked if she is actually from Paris, she will just look at you sideways and smirk. The only thing French about her is her dog!
Has a reputation for showing up at parties with her entourage and playing phat sets for hours on end. She also likes to "TOAST" on dub plates as well. You may see her at reggae/dancehall venues throwin' down on the mic and generally blowing peoples minds where ever she pops up.
She has an amazing record collection and plays all genres of music. If you ever get the chance to see this girl,...man you're one of the lucky ones!
Whoa! The Heaven Bus just pulled up! I do hope DJ Willow from Paris is on board. I've been dying to hear her again. Remember that time we saw her at Reggae Rising and she was doing live dub in that bad ass morrocan tent on the Purple Sound System, Man that was EPIC!!!!!!
by Conspiracy Theory Manufacturing September 18, 2007
Dude! I saw DJ Willow on a flyer for some rave, I went and it was some other DJ! I should have known it was too good to be true. DJ Willow from Paris, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!? I was itchin' to hear her latest remixes, they are far superior to any digital mash up you'd hear at the dance clubs.
by Conspiracy Theory Manufacturing September 18, 2007

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