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A certain religion uses "faith" to have its followers believe in the improvable, or the false. Faith gives the “religious” the ability to say something very similar to the following: "I am wearing a invisible hat whose existence can never be proven, and cannot ever be seen, felt, touched, or experienced." Some religious organizations say that you must believe the hat is there. Those with undirtied minds have no the slightest question on whether that hat is there. They know it is not there. The sick part of the circle is that “faith” makes the ludicricies unable to be proven.
Fr. John says to the class of kidergarderners, "We have no evidence or any kind (execpt the fiction novel called the 'Bible') that Jesus rose from the dead, but you still have to believe it on faith, or be punished to an eternial damnation that we do not have any evidence of."
by Connor Hatfield May 24, 2006
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