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The cutest girl in the world
extreamly silly and fun to be around. shes the kind of girl who loves to sing disney songs and loves to crow.
She may not be poular with the boys, but it doesent mind her caus she only needs one, and she loves her Puddin more then life its self, and he loves her back juct as much/
i love you Noelle.
#noelle #harley #qwinn #pumpkin #sweetpea
by Connor Breen January 22, 2009
AKA Connor
the offical padawan of Sithcamaro
aspires to be just as awesome as him and does his best to live up to the name

Second only to Sithcamaro
Wow, Sithcamaros Padawan is almost as good as the real deal!
#sithcamaro #sithcamaros #padawan #toby #markham #jack #sparrow
by Connor Breen January 22, 2009
AKA Toby
coolest guy in the world
this guy makes some of the best costumes youv ever seen, and is best known for his Jack Sparrow
anyone who is conected to him or is a friend of his is atomaticly labled as awesome
Dude, this Sithcamaro guy is awesom!
#sithcamaro #sithcamaros #padawan #toby #markham #jack #sparrow
by Connor Breen January 22, 2009
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