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A sound I hear repeatedly every night from my parents bedroom.
*squeak squeak squeak* ...

What are they doing in there?
by Confused March 05, 2004
A person who thinks thair a gangster but hasn't done anything gangsa like.
50 cent
P. Diddy.
the guys from Murder Inc.
Ja Rule.
The guys from Cypris Hill
Most the rappers u see on mtv or BET
by confused March 12, 2003
A person confused about his/her sexuality. On one hand, he/she adores the Princess of Mushroom Kingdom, Peach. On the other, there are feelings for Man Faye. What sex does this person prefer? Male? Female? Or both?
Do you like him, or do you like her? Or are you an Arty?
by Confused June 14, 2004

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