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A term used in Ulster and North Leinster (Ireland).
Skeets ("skayt" in skeet language) are the opposite of rockers, and a variation of spide.
Generally wearing a Meckenzie or Fred Perrie tracksuit, carrying a knife and a number one haircut.
Most have a vocabulary of about 3, and have the conversational skills of your average garden brick.

Skeet language:
"Well ba"
"Ye startin?"
"Aye go on den"
"UR MA!"
"Stab ye hay!"
Etc etc

Skeet females are like the males, only usually really really fit.
Only problem is that the only thing that ever comes out of their mouths is white noise.
Generally pregnant or seeking pregnancy.

Skeets enjoy beating up rockers, EMOs, stealing, aswell other forms of crime, eating, sleeping and getting each other pregnant.
An agressive species, they are attracted to flourescent light, particular glowsticks.

There presence is usually signified by the "nst nst nst" dance rythtym of that pigshite they like to call "their" music.

Utter gobshites...
Aye he's a pure skeet hay

Ye startin son?
by Conchúir Ó hÓgáin February 27, 2008

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