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4 definitions by Conartist66

A term used when a girl uses sex to control a guys thoughts or actions.
guy 1: Dude how'd you miss that party last night?

guy 2: Damn mind cuntrol man...
by Conartist66 March 18, 2010
9 0
1. To force/trick somebody into hipsterdom

2. To become infatuated with the hip and now tech and websites.
Dude, this iphone has me hipnotized, since I got it iv'e started twitter and facebook and post all the time.
by Conartist66 March 26, 2010
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1. To move multiple penises down a girls (no specific area) in a raking fassion. Usually ass or boobs
Guy one: How'd it go last night?

Guy two: Dude, me and another guy totaly pulld a moon raker on this girl!!
by conartist66 March 26, 2010
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An alcoholic drink consisting of equal parts tequila (from mexico) and whiskey (from Texas).
Man: 3 borderlines my good sir!
Bartender: Someways getting drunk tonight!
by conartist66 April 28, 2011
13 33