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1. The sam as O.K.!

2. What the f*ck?

3. COOL!
1A: I've a big problem!
B: don't worry! Everuthin' is gonna be UKA!!!

C:See ya later!

2 THe prise of this cellphone is 100$.
A: UKA?!?!

3. A: Our School team won game last night!!
B: UKA!!!!! THEY'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!
by ConF de Blaga! November 12, 2007
1. O.K.!
2. What the F*CK are you doin'?
3. COOL! Chevere!!!
1. A: I'm In a big trouble!!
B: Don't wory! everything is gonna be UKA!!!

Zak: See ya Tommorrow!
John: UKA!!!
2. A:Yesterday I drove my car drunked!
B: UKA?!?!
3. A: You get "A" on this final test!
B: UKA!!!
by ConF de Blaga! November 12, 2007

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