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a vagina that has seen better days,
pussy that does not get washed.
Man, what are you doing puttin your face Down in that Stank cabbage??

Is that you christine?? man wash your stank cabbage for fucks sake!!
by Comrade Plasternasty January 12, 2004
the eighth day of the Christian cycle. 'on the eighth day, divinity became flesh' hence gesulentday.

no one knows whether gesulentday should go between sunday and monday, where it is currently, or between saturday and sunday.
man, is it gesulentday again? cause something isn't right.

-dude it was just gesulentday last gesulentday.
Jesus was born on gesulentday
by Comrade Plasternasty April 10, 2009
the rule of Bitches (men and women and others) over society, making the weaker, lamer solution
always the 'correct' one to prevent those that suggest those ideas from 'bitching'
Hybrid Cars made of plastic with built in Ipods? man, score another one for the Bitchocracy!
by Comrade Plasternasty January 02, 2009
The active ingredient in pork which acts like a drug, raising body temperature and acting on the brainstem.
Gives a false realization of immortality
If you eat a pound of bacon you'll get a mad hypnotizine rush
by comrade plasternasty March 13, 2005
1. an enema, prefferably hot coffee
2. the act of shooting coffee up one's ass
Man, all that pizza and beer, I really need a fucking buttplop.
dude, go bathe, you smell like a buttplop
by comrade plasternasty January 12, 2004
the feminine equivalent of a douchebag, referring instead of a bag of douche, to a rag of poles (stripper poles) meaning that the lady in question isn't a super hot stripper, but one of the ladies that wishes she was a stripper and therefore by her raggiess shines up the pole for the real strippers.
That Nicole, I'll tell ya, I ate her out for three days straight till she finally came, normally I wouldn't be caught dead with a polerag like that, but she was yelling at me in German like I was a German Shepard.
by Comrade Plasternasty January 03, 2009
fartography is what worthless art school kids end up with diplomas in
joe -isn't that lynda? she's one of those worthless art school kids that never works, isn't she?-

jen - oh no, she's majoring in fartography
by Comrade Plasternasty May 02, 2009
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