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White people who pretend that they are American. They don't speak American, they speak English which is European.
-America Rules!! Mexicans Suck, I hate Immigrants!-
Anyone else:
-If you're an American then how come you don't look American or speak American? You're a Winjun! Go back to England!-
by Comrade Plasternasty May 24, 2009
A European or other nationality male that dates an American Female, since the word Amerykanka in many languages also means couch, like an American woman, a couch, just fuck n sits there!
Guy - Dude, what are you doing with that Amerikanka?

Dude - Dude! She's my girlfriend, she's hot! I love her!
Guy -

Dude - What?!
Guy -

Dude - ?WHAT!
Guy - Couch Fucker, we are ashamed of you
Dude - Aw, Dude
Guy - Dude yourself, and you can't sit on my couch, you have to sit on the floor from now on
by Comrade Plasternasty July 03, 2012
Someone that makes the world a shitty place to live. Pronounced 'Terrorist'.
If it wasn't for all those Terror Wrists people would have real jobs, look at this place, what a mess.
by Comrade Plasternasty January 15, 2009
Fasterbating is when fat slobs who usually eat and self-gratify simultaneously go on a diet and just gratify themselves on an empty stomach.
Self-Gratyifying oneself to eating disorder porn
Person 1 : Wow, is that that same fat freaky slob that never leaves the house, they're kinda looking, less fat and slobby, though really still freaky
Person 2: Yeah, they've lost a lot of weight since they started Fasterbating
Person 1: Fasterbating?

Person 2: I know, I'm never eating again

Person 1: *walks in* -looks at screen #puuuuke#
Person 2: I was fasterbating, what?
Person 1: Nothing, *gasp* nothing at all
by Comrade Plasternasty October 07, 2010

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