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Wrongists are the people in power, they don't share any common race, religion, or any other demographic, except they are all WRONG.
dude, you can't win with these wrongists, in power, I mean, pork is legal and marijuana is illegal.
by Comrade Plasternasty April 09, 2009
Verb, to doct, the infinitive of the action noun doctor. It means to doct or decrease one's wallet, paycheck or bank account, as opposed to heal, and healer, who are concerned with your health instead.
My mom got cancer and she went to the doctor to doct her bank account, he gave her poisons, took her money, chopped off some body parts and threw her in a grave.
Dude, should have gone to a Healer, instead.
Yeah, now you tell me.
Man, Healers heal and Doctors doct.
by Comrade Plasternasty April 21, 2009
A city of feces lovers.
Sodom and Gomorrah were called Coprophilopolis and Fecalphilopolis respectively.

"I just drove by another Taco Bell? Where the hell are we, Coprohilopolis?"
by Comrade Plasternasty May 04, 2010
A lazy heroin addict, one who does nothing except smack all day and is smacked out all the time without exception
Hey what's olde boy doing these days, you think he wants to go to the concert?
-what? him? he's a smackball, he never leaves the house or does anything except nod out-
by Comrade Plasternasty August 29, 2008
rolling on the floor nom'ing out loud
I joined this dating site and this one fat chick invited me over for some hanky panky
yeah, I got there and she was naked rofnomol

Guess I saved money on dinner that nite!
by Comrade Plasternasty November 18, 2011
White people who pretend that they are American. They don't speak American, they speak English which is European.
-America Rules!! Mexicans Suck, I hate Immigrants!-
Anyone else:
-If you're an American then how come you don't look American or speak American? You're a Winjun! Go back to England!-
by Comrade Plasternasty May 24, 2009
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