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An underwater jalepno from a rectum, causing air bubbles to rise to the surface and make a very foul stench.
Jordan was in the pool and he flarked.
My God that flark was stinky!
Sometimes a Buatis Fratis Uv creates the same stench.
by Compton III December 30, 2005
a short farm bird consisting of two legs, wings and a tail. it likes to poke at random rectums and sniff them until passing out cold. This bird is sometimes refered to as "Jesse" or "Jesse the flying cat". It likes to befriend random cats on the street and take them home claiming "they are free!" This taking home of the cats is a rare disease refered to as Ilikeadacats-acitis. The only cure for this disease is forcing a feline of his choice to poop upon his face.
"WTF, that pheasant stole my feline freind!"
"I hope i never get Ilikeadacats-acitis!"
by Compton III January 03, 2006

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