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These are the Zones of being Drunk.

1. The Normal Zone
- This is where you are sober, and not drunk at all.

2. The Fun Zone
- You are starting to feel the alcohol and if there is music playing, you might dance to it. But you might not, your not quite that drunk yet.

3. The Zone
- Now your feeling the alcohol and you are likely to dance, even if there isn't any music playing.

4. The Auto Zone
- You are drunk to the point where you cannot drive a vehicle. Not just shouldn't, but can't. You would go as far as to call your parents for a ride at this point.

5. The Twilight Zone
- This is when you are so drunk that you cannot stand without using someone or something to keep you upright. This is where you want to be.

6. The Splash Zone
- This is when you have taken The Twilight Zone a little bit too far.. The Splash Zone is the area around you, because this is when you throw up. Not a fun place to be.

7. The Hazard Zone
- Well.. At this point you have done something stupid, and that is continuing to drink after vomiting.. Congratulations, you very well might have alcohol poisoning and should go to the hospital.

8. The Dead Zone
- You drank too much and made a horrible mistake, this is the zone that nobody wants to reach. Life is valuable so be caution.
Friend: "Yo bro! Which one of The Drunk Zones are you in!!?"
You: "I don't know man! Check it out! (Attempt to stand straight but stumble) Am I in The Twilight Zone yet?"
Friend: "Hell yea! You can't stand for shit!"

You: "Yo, Louie hit The Splash Zone in Phil's car last night"
Friend: "Wow what a douche! I hope he cleaned all that shit up.."
by Commander Of Chaos, MSD, FL April 01, 2009

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