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Going so far above and beyond the garden variety Obamatard, the Obamatardiot not only blindly refuses to allow facts of Obama's failures to get in the way of what he or she thinks...but actively still blames Bush each week's Obamafailure.
Mark: Paul, that guy at lunch is an Obamatard. He really thinks Obama is a great president.

Paul: No my friend, Mark, he's an Obamatardiot. He thinks Bush is responsible for the BP oil spill...he told me that the other day. I think you took a sick day that time.
#obama #morons #liberals #liberal idiots #failure #failboat
by Comics Nut December 18, 2010
The amazing number of 18-24 year old dumb girls with smart phones that will instantly take their clothes off and take pictures of themselves in their bathroom and bedroom mirrors while their clueless father is downstairs watching home videos of when she was 3 and learning how to jump rope.
Guy A) Dude...why are are there suddenly so many pictures of hot girl next door types all over internet. Either showing off their tits, or licking each others tits?

Guy B) Dumb Girls with Smart Phones, dude. It's awesome.
#tits #ass #smart phones #dumb girls #hot
by Comics Nut June 12, 2011
Currently, the 8.9% of Americans that are not working under the wondrous leadership of our Unicorn President and his Magical Teleprompter.
I got fired today, I'm not longer employed I'm Obamaployed.
#unemployment #obama #fail #telepresident #obamaprompter
by Comics Nut April 07, 2011
On a chilly December evening in 2010 the world was changed forever.

Nolan Carroll, Miami Dolphins Special Teams "gunner" was intentionally tripped today by a New York Jets coach as he ran down the sideline.

The Jets, having been emasculated by the New England Patriots the week before, were going down the proverbially toilet faster than the Obama administration.

Video footage of the humiliating incident shows Jets personnel lined up in a wall formation (with their toes as lined up flush against the legally allowed area in which they are allowed to stand) oddly staring straight ahead ignoring the play - with the first (farthest right) staffer extending his thigh outward.

His thigh struck the player, who was in full sprint, and the player tumbled to the turf in pain for an extended period of time.

It was unknown at the time if the player even knew what tripped him up - as he said nothing to the Jets coach after he was able to regain his bearings, stand up and walk off the field.
Ryan: Dude, I just finished watching the Patriots destroy the Bears and the Jets game came on.

Paul: You mean Thighgate? Imagine if the Pats did that? It would cause WWIII! Luckily that stupid NYer didn't ruin the man's career.
#nfl #new england patriots #new york jets #rex ryan #sal alosi #cheating #new york hypocrisy
by Comics Nut December 14, 2010
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