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One part comedy + one part swagga

Comedy entertainment platforms that transcend culture or race. Multicultural comedy.

The "game" or industry of next level network comedy.

The manner in which Comedyfessionals execute given tasks.
The way in which Comedyfessionals deal with others, keeping them in their "place."

This doesn't have to be completely professional --- remember --- its comedy!
She managed the project and the staff with true comedyfessionalism, the likes of which have never before been seen.

Comedyfessionals upgrade the game with comedyfessionalism.
by Comedyfessional In Chief August 28, 2009
A consummate comedy entertainment professional at the top of the comedy game ; a packaged & polished comedienne or comic pro with impeccable entertainment and global biz acumen, natural comedic talents, timing and impeccable branding skills supported by comedy revenue stream infrastructure.
The Comedyfessional In Chief is the ultimate Comedyfessional. Whoopie Goldberg, Jim Carey, Dave Chappelle , Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Cheech Marin, Cedric The Entertainer, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez, Joey Medina, Alex Reymundo, Steven Colbert, Katt Williams are just a few examples of Comedyfessionals.
by Comedyfessional In Chief August 28, 2009
Comedy Visionary

President of a Successful , Innovative Comedy Conglomerate

Creative Comedy Writer - Producer - Director
Master @ Next Level Comedy & Edutainment Networks
High End Comedy Club Owner
An influential political figure operating in the field of comedy.
A hostess or host of a red carpet comedy event.

THE Comedy (Boss Bitch) Professional In Charge.
Comedyfessional In Chief is the prestigious title bestowed upon the Managing Director of Comedyfessionals worldwide.

The Comedyfessional In Chief signs and cashes comedy checks!

Comedyfessional In Chief signs new bills into comedy law.
by Comedyfessional In Chief August 28, 2009

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