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Something that's particularly large...
Matt Lee: Have you seen my credit card bill this month? It's bigger than Ron Jeremy's cock!
The system of counting used by Buzz, the fat older jock brother in Home Alone.

Basically it's useful, if you want to list three things. Instead of 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C...

A, 2 and D are used.
a) I'm not that lucky
2) We have smoke detectors.
d) We live in the most boring street in the United States, where nothing remotely interesting will *EVER* happen, period.
treating a male homosexual friend as an accessory to happiness
Richard because he was fed up with Lara fag-hagging him.
Particularly attractive woman. Tastes so sweet.

urbandictionary.com is mentioned in the film commentary.
"She's like but-ter..." - Ed, Shaun of the Dead
The gay girl version of a cocktease
"Fanny is such a clitourist"
Someone who associates with people who are frankly cunts, and they know this, but they still hang out with them...
Why do you hang out with Peter Tipple?! You're such a fucking beanflicker!
Silly person.
"I am a Flid" - Matt Lee

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