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A widespread phrase that is used as a response to a Fail.

Many people aren't sure, but some believe the phrase got it's roots from a YouTube video called "tubing fail". A user asked if the victim of the fail died, and people found it funny, while the user was serious, and soon it spread like wildfire. Many people find it annoying and call the people who use this phrase a Troll, especially on failblog, a site with a collection of fails.

This phrase can be used in different ways, using something related to the fail, such as saying "did the tv die" when a tv is involved in the fail.
Wow, I wouldn't want to be that skateboarder, ouch!

Did he die?
by Combatgamer July 28, 2009
Abbreviation for "laugh a whole lot". Not used very often, usually more common abbreviations are used, like LOL and ROFL.
Have you seen last nights comedian show on TV?

Ya sure did LAWL!
by Combatgamer July 29, 2009

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