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Meaning was very good, or was a good plan, idea, etc)
Man! Those nachos sure hit the spot!
by CombatWombat August 15, 2003
A round map of the planet earth.
I found my state on the globe! Yay!!11!1!1!
by CombatWombat August 15, 2003
A 6, 7, or 12 stringed instrument which is about 3 ft long, and is very popular to play. If you are right-handed, you play chords with your left hand by arranging your fingers in different patterns along the frets, and strum it with your right hand.
I am learning to play the guitar.
by CombatWombat August 14, 2003
A little annoying dude who will usually scam people out of money etc.
by CombatWombat August 08, 2003
(noun)A German used Grenade Launcher in World War 2.
Take out that halftrack! Use your Panzerfaust!
by CombatWombat August 01, 2003
similar to an air vent.
The burgular crawled through the mansion ducts.
by CombatWombat August 17, 2003

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