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A british term for brass knuckles.
I hit him in the side of the face with my knuckleduster.
by Combat 84 June 28, 2004
when one bounds another across the head with a shirt and tells him to attempt to do a situp while an acomplice drops his pants and points his ass at the person doing the situp, at which time the shirt is released and the one attempting his the ass with his face
Damn, me and jorge got albert so good with that impossible situp.
by Combat 84 June 30, 2004
See Dongus
We painted a shlongoid on his face while he was sleeping
by Combat 84 June 30, 2004
A somewhat derogatory term made up by oscar, refering to male genitialia
Dongus is one ridiculous word
by Combat 84 June 30, 2004
To hit someone with brass knuckles or a knuckleduster
He got dusted so hard he forgot his own name.
by Combat 84 June 28, 2004

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