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1 definition by Coltoonie

A contest between two people in adjacent "public" bathroom stalls. As each person has finished shitting, they save the pieces of toilet paper used to wipe their ass. A player then calls out "fire" and tosses the shit-stained toilet paper over the stall into the opponents area. The defensive player remains still and if hit by the projectile yells "you hit me with a battleshit!" The game continues until a player is tired of getting shit bombed and leaves the stall. This leaves the remaining player the King of Battleshits.
As Josh and Dan are taking simultaneous dumps in the Wal-Mart bathroom. Josh saves a juicy piece of toilet paper covered in greasy shit. As Dan sits unsuspectingly, Josh fires the Shit-Missile over the stall and yells "FIRE!" Dan, in surprise, realizes that a piece of shit-paper is stuck to his leg and says "you hit me with a battleshit!" Dan then retaliates by firing his own shit-missile at Josh. Dan misses and josh says "miss". Dan then scrambles out and Josh cynically laughs while yelling "I am the king of battleshits!"
by Coltoonie November 24, 2008