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1) A cosmetics sales representative that sells Dead Sea beauty products in the mall.(usually an Israeli)

2) An annoying and harassing vender working at a public place.
"Hey girl, lets go to the mall and have some fun..." "No way, those saltknockers annoy the hell out of me, lets go to the library instead."
by Colt Hershly February 28, 2009
A dirt ball whom is also a douche bag.
"That disgusting slob is a real drishbog."
by Colt Hershly February 28, 2009
A stripper whom can be paid (with money or other means) by a third party to perform a dance and then proceed to rape the person in question, male or female.
"Dude, your shy buddy is never going get a girl, we should hire a striraper to break him out of his shell."
by Colt Hershly February 28, 2009
1) A person with the qualitative characteristics of at least three or more negative associations with the word bag; exe: douchebag, scumbag, slutbag niggerbag, dirshbag…ext

2)A title or epithet given individual whom has achieved grandmaster level in one or more categories of the negative connotation of the word bag.
"That person, which is so ridiculously vulgar that I won’t even honor by mentioning their is the "Bag of Bags".

South Park: “John Edwards is the biggest douche in the universe.” (He is the "Bag of Bags")
by Colt Hershly February 28, 2009

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