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"Rich hippies"
Mostly found attending The University of Colorado Boulder, youths who are classified as hippies yet have extremely large amounts of money. They smoke weed, sport tie dye, and express ideas of world peace and love while living in exceptional homes and dining on organic caviar etc.
Only a trust fund hippie would light up to Bob Marley in his beamer.
by Colorado Spirit January 29, 2012
Referring to the campus of The University of Colorado Boulder or CU Boulder, this term is synonymous with lots of partying, beautiful scenery, and overall a good time.
It's a fun and quirky college town consisting of yuppie hippies, award winning bakeries, and crazy college kids.

April 20th is an excellent day to spend on this campus.
Me and my buddies are hitting up Boulder this weekend, wanna come with?
by Colorado Spirit January 29, 2012
A combination of prostitue and tots. The young girls (middle school age) who dress far too slutty and act far too obnoxious for any person, especially none at their age.
Victoria's Secret is always packed with prostitots.
by Colorado Spirit January 29, 2012
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