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The wagging of the index finger of your dominant hand in a very stern and disapproving manner. This is done to show your disapproval of the (usually idiotic) actions of another. Note that the wagging must be done so slowly as to make it a very awkward situation.

Usually accompanied by the Look of Judgement
Mr. English Teacher: What are you doing on the floor?

Student: My cell phone fell out of my pocket...

Mr. English Teacher: *Gives the Stern Finger of Disapproval* Naughty.
by Colonel Duke Lacrosse December 03, 2011
The look you give someone when they trip and fall, say something stupid, or do something deserving judgement.

The point of the Look of Judgement is to let the subject of your judgement know that they are being Judged for their obvious stupidity.
Random Boy: *Trips and falls* Oh *%@#!

Ally: *Gives Look of Judgement*

Jim: You totally just Judged that loser.
by Colonel Duke Lacrosse December 03, 2011
Taxes or else other methods of removing the working people's hard earned cash. Typically utilized by the man, these weapons are a crime against humanity and a sin against nature.
Tom: Who in the name of Ayn Rand do the IRS think they are, taking my pay from me? I don't owe them two farts!

Dave: Too bad they have those bloody weapons of mass deduction.
by Colonel Duke Lacrosse June 08, 2011

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