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Pronounce (Dee-Ah-Teh) Noun: A man who is mentally and physically strong. His strength has come from his past experience. He is mentally stable and has a ways with the ladies. He is not easily susceptible to a female's game. He is wise in relationships and is always in control

It can also mean focused and determined
Before that chick, i used to be such a pushover but now Im a true Diatty

I gotta be strong, DIATTY!

Ima never fall for a bitch's G, Im Diatty
by Colombianxl November 18, 2007
A boss of an organization. Someone that can
provide back-up. Bostel can also be used to call pitbull dogs. Also known as the "big boss"
Dimelo Bostel, que tu hace?

Ese tigre e bien heavy, tremenndo bostel
by Colombianxl November 18, 2007

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