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A Human Being Rich in Wealth of Wisdom and Knowledge.
This Person is also..Devastatingly Good Looking, and uses pick up lines such as, "Get in"..and "Let's Go", and this is only for the dumb people who need direction. Normally, a Dussan will not have to say anything at all, but a simple gesture due to the, HOT DAMN GOOD LOOKINGNESS they possess.
Hey guys, how did it go last night at the club?.....Oh it went great for Andres. He's such a DUSSAN that he pulled a DUSSAN. He Took 3 Married Super Model Virgins, Devoted and Sworn to their husbands for life, to bed last night. And the Kicker was he didn't even say anything. Apparently Girls do Cum when he fingers them. WHAT a DUSSAN.
by ColombianO75 March 22, 2010
The one who ate the apple from the forbidden tree and Fucked it up for all of us.
Man 1: Im going to Hell.
Man 2: Why?
Man1: Cuz of a Woman.
by ColombianO75 March 22, 2010

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