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1) a pub;
2) someone who is constantly intoxicated
1) going to the boozer for a few drinks
2) that guy is such a boozer
by colly November 27, 2003
the bermuda triangle but in england. it's corners are grimsby, doncaster and hull.
yeah, last we saw of him he was headed towards the english bermuda triangle.
by colly May 19, 2004
A penis, specifically a bulbous or "chode" like member. Less of a "shlong" more of a "wang".
"Slap a fat one in your mouth and STFU"
by Colly February 22, 2005
1. a bear suit, outfit or costume.
2. A spazz band from Norwich whom enjoy dressing up as bears.
bearsuits will take over the world!
by colly October 23, 2003
comes from the term 'what a wanker' usually said at the wanker in person but can be used in conversation about said wanker.
"josh kicked nick out of queens of the stone age, WHATTAWANKA.
by colly May 04, 2004
rhyming slang for boozer which is a pub
are you going to the battlecruiser later?
by colly November 27, 2003
what happens when paffy and maffy get in a small secluded place together. or the feeling of paffmaff glee.
by colly October 23, 2003
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