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3 definitions by College professor

1. Amazingly talented at everything, most of the times better than other people.

2. Wonderful attractive male.

3. Usually good with women.
Example sentence:

"Maynor beat me at basketball again." said Tremaine
by College professor November 16, 2013
13 0
When you are boinking someone in your office and you have to abort the proceedings before completing the act because the janitor is coming to empty the trash or sweep the carpet.
"I was nailing the new receptionist on my desk last Thursday when I heard Charlie rustling the trash bins resulting in the dreaded janitorus interruptus."
by college professor August 23, 2006
20 7
To borrow something from someone when you clearly have no intention of returning it or you intend to wait and see if they ever ask for it back.
I perma-borrowed my neighbor's lawn mower 14 months ago and he still hasn't asked for it back.
by College Professor March 23, 2008
3 0