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Birmingham-Southern College is the Top Ranked College or University in the state of Alabama.

The college is ranked in the Top 10 Colleges in the Southeast and is among the Top 150 Private Colleges in the Nation.

Its students traditionally come from families that fall in the upper-middle to upper class bracket, and they also maintain high GPAs.

Birmingham-Southern is fairly selective in its admission process, and students report that it's even harder to stay enrolled due to its rigorous courses and heavy workload.

Many of the professors at Birmingham-Southern have ranked higher in student approval and College Review Boards than those at Yale, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Tulane Universities, respectively.

The college spends more on indvidual student services than any other school in the South. Its student-teacher ratio is approx. 12:1

Graduates from BSC are highly sought after, especially in the Southeast. It has become known as a breeding ground for future lawyers, doctors, and politicians.

Tuition at BSC is among the highest in the South, with the total collective cost (including tuiton, meal plans, books, and room and board) averaging $40,000 a year. However, its massive endowment allows for numerous scholarships for students from low-income families.

Despite its high cost of attendance, enrollment at BSC is constantly growing. In past three years, student enrollment has reached a record high. It currently (as of Fall 2009) has an enrollment of approx. 1600.
Birmingham-Southern College has been ranked as the best college in the state of Alabama, and has been described by many as a mini-Vanderbilt of sorts. Birmingham residents often refer to it as a "Southern Ivy," due to both its reputation and high cost of attendance. Its students are among the best in America, and are consistently accepted to Ivy League Graduate Programs.
by College Ranking Corporation December 06, 2009

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