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Main entry: rack-a-muf-fin or rack-a-muf-in
Pronunication: rak-uh-muf-in
Etymology: From rack (posterior section of a womans body, ie breasts) and ragamuffin (Middle english, Ragamuffyn, name for a ragged, oafish person.

Function: Noun often considered vulgar

1) A girl or woman who is generally considered unattractive or posses no outstanding physical qualities except for her breasts which are generally large.

2) A girl or woman who uses her breasts as her primary physical feature in attempts to attract another persons attention usually of the opposite sex.

3) A girl or woman who posses large breasts.

4) A man who only finds large breasts on women attractive and seeks a relationship or physical intercourse with said women.

5) A man who can only achieve orgasm when having sex with a large breasted woman.
1) "Did you see how big the nose was on that new girl? And she was covered in pimples!"
"At least she's a rackamuffin."

2) Sheila always wore v-neck shirts to show off her cleavage because Sheila was a rackamuffin.

3) Jessica Simpson is a rackamuffin.

4) "Tim, why do you only date women who have large breasts?"

"Because I'm a rackamuffin."

5) Intercourse with his wife was difficult since she was only an A cup and he was a rackamuffin.
by College Bound Teenager May 03, 2006

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