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A korma being the weakest of the curries, the act of Korma-ing is therefore when someone 'pussies out' and takes the mildest/easiest option. Often used in a drinking context.
Yo Borts, why you Korma-ing sipping on that h20? Get some gin and juice down yr gullet!
by Collagen Rock March 09, 2010
a type of dance. Popular at the height of the resurgence of guitar-led groups around the turn of the Millennium (The Strokes, Libertines, etc), though still going strong today. It involves awkwardly dancing just about enough so as to avoid any attention based on correctly held assumptions of your character, principally that you would rather be sitting down and/or cannot dance. Often practised in bad clubs on cheap alcoholic drinks whilst not talking to pretty girls. It usually backfires when the aforementioned cheap alcohol really kicks in and you either try to talk to a pretty girl or start a mosh-pit to Blondie and are thrown out of the premises.

Not to be mistaken for the indie rock shuffle
Dave was doing the indie shuffle to The Smiths "How Soon Is Now" whilst staring at a girl he had no chance with when he inadvertently spilt someone's beer and ended up on the floor crying like Morrissey in an abattoir.
by Collagen Rock September 30, 2010

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