102 definitions by Colin

a gay ass fagot (1st def) with no friends that hate aleshia jones.
vassili hates aleshia
by colin November 29, 2003
an uncircumsized penis, haah. just really goes with the look and mind of a goofy looking penis!
Paul:Its like a blanket when i sleep but for my penis.....Me: haha ur a fucking loser, u have a helmet dick bitch!!
by Colin February 22, 2005
Used to turn a positive statement into a negative one.
"Wow, that was amazing!"

"Uh, nt."
by Colin November 12, 2004
another way to say true blue but more to the point being sharp, not soft.
That girl is 5x5 and very easy on the eyes.
by Colin March 27, 2004
The fattest girl you can ever think of in your life.
"Damn, that Ino is so huge, she needs her own aquarium."
by Colin October 05, 2004
A criminally retarded member of the Wrestling General Board at the IGN Boards.
Oh great...Another cobra thread. Marvelous.
by Colin March 22, 2004
Slang term for Tucson, Arizona
What are we doing in T-Town tonight?
by Colin August 19, 2004

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