102 definitions by Colin

a slut, whore, female who have sex with alot of guys
mrs. panko is a slut
by colin June 16, 2003
and egg
colin has two egg shaped balls
by colin March 12, 2003
Somethign Some Idiot WOuld Put inna banner so peple liKe me COulD Read aNd looK at...
by Colin August 08, 2003
The same as bukkake except the males defecate on the female instead of ejaculate.
After the anal bukkake session, Kim wanted nothing more than to take a good shower.
by Colin March 14, 2005
When you're playing baseball and you get a pitch too good to not take deep.
Piss on it, turn that sumbitch yellow
by Colin July 15, 2004
when something is lame
thesuarus: weak sacue, mickey mouse boot squash
Nick: Nah, I can't go smoke a bowl I got work.
Colin: Dude!, that is so totally clown shoes.
by Colin January 15, 2004
a gay ass fagot (1st def) with no friends that hate aleshia jones.
vassili hates aleshia
by colin November 29, 2003

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