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Original medical acronym for AIDS. Stood for gay related immune disorder. Not a word of a lie.
I used to have GRID, now I have AIDS
by Coleman January 16, 2005
The traditional floor heating system in Korea. Gravel or water-pipiping beneath the stone board floor. The fire in the kitchen can be used for both cooking and heating up the floor. Heat energy gets trapped under the floor that it can warm up the room with very little amount of fuel.
Ondol is an ancient technology, yet it still remains as the most energy-effective heating system in the winter time.
by coleman September 08, 2003
syn for right bc when ur in the car and ur figuring out directions right and correct get confused. so u say turn schmoopy instead of turn right. background: me, sophomore year (last year)
"Which way do I go at the light?"
"turn schmoopy."
"this way?"
"right!" (meaning correct... causes a lot less confusion)
by Coleman May 09, 2004

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