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Wap can be known as an organization. WAP equals We Alcoholic Pimps. You say WAP when something good happens. It is frequently used after making a basketball shot. WAP!
Some use it after twurking a girl. WAP!!
It can also be used to describe good things.
It answers all questions based on how you emphasize it.
fine girl walks by= WAP!
Party is crunk= WAP!
by Cole Lillie AKA Wap November 30, 2005
V. 1. not knowing what is going on
2. lack of intelligence after day and or night of drinking or smoking or both
3. lacking sense of reality
I forgot where we were going, im so shot out.
Hey im talking to you, You are so shot out.
by Cole Lillie AKA Wap November 30, 2005
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