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2 definitions by Cole Canassis

N.- Gaming- The ability of longtime gamers to judge when something is too easy or too pat, especially once they've put several hours under their belt on a certain game. While not necessarily psychic in origin, it can seem that way sometimes, especially when said gamer save seconds before an instant-death trap. See also precognition.

From Spider Sense, the near-precognition that Spider-Man displays on a regular basis to evade attacks.
This isn't right... Where's the trap? My Gamer Sense is going mad!
by Cole Canassis August 25, 2005
Noun, writing, plot devices- Any plot device which brings together a group through mutual danger, esp. when the one in most danger is the least sympathetic of the group.
He couldn't get us to use teamwork, so instead he used a troll.
by Cole Canassis August 02, 2005