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The ultimate suckable suckage of sucking in suckableness; The PRIME example of the worst of the worst.
My computer is teh suk! (my computer is literally the worst computer in the entirety of the fucking world, yes, even worse than found parts you might assemble at a garbage dump)
by Cold0ne December 01, 2002
One of the legendary Visper Crew. beware! this arab son-of-a-bitch smuggles babies and steals a towel off your ass in a sauna!

REWARDS: $50000 Alive, $100000 Dead, $100 if you return my child
by Cold0ne March 19, 2003
If you just got Bunned, it means you've been MEGA-PWNED by sum l33t mofux0r hax0r!!!! PH34R!?!?!?111!111one!11
LOL Brk, your such a POOCOJEW!
(Brk just got bunned... hard like a large black penis)
by Cold0ne January 12, 2004

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